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Custom painted STAY RAD KEYCAPS!

Original digital 3D sculpt, resin printed, hand painted. 


All caps are Matte clear coated to protect them, excessive use will warrent wear and tear as you can expect.


Disclaimer - These are 1 off unique keycaps. Each is 3D sculpted by me, printed using a resin printer, refined, themed and hand painted. Through this process each develops its own slight differences, its inconsistencies making for its individual flavour! I do my best to make them as close to my vision as possible, adjusting with the chaos along the way. You will recieve one of the first batch I have made, it may or may not be pictured, but I try my best to make all of them in the same style / consistency, but you will recieve a unique item.


Disclaimer 2 - These are set as an "introductory price" - being a first time selling keycaps, I want to reduce the price slightly to reflect my journey into the craft.


Will fit the standard "+" style switch. I am currently using MX cherry reds and it slots into them well.