Commissions are currently open!


I'm super excited to get back into commissions and hear all your epic ideas! Please know I wont be replying to every email, don't be alarmed by this, I pick the ones that suit my style and direction. Apologies if this round I don't pick your work, I'm just leaning towards my strengths to create the best things I possibly can for people. I'm only one person with one set of hands and so many hours in the day!

PRICES - All decks will start at $1000 AUD ($775 USD) (647 EURO) (562 POUND) - this will be the set price for the majority of decks and will only go up if a deck is ridiculously elaborate with extra 3D cutout bits and such (Most decks I make have at least 2 or 3 3D parts added on and this is part of the base price / included) All commissions are shipped free worldwide. 

Like most commission artists, I work best with freedom, you pick you character/s or subject matter and what colours you do or don't like (if necessary) and I'm happy to do the rest. With each new artwork I create I strive to make it different and weirder or more complicated than the last, I'm having a lot of fun evolving my style and what's possible, and am honored to make art for people and have them be part of that journey. In your enquiry email, feel free to go into as much or little info as you want, also you're more than welcome to reference other artworks I've done in the past so I know what about my style you like the best. 

As I've said via social media, I will be more inclined to choose the enquiries that have the most freedom, and are open to really pushing the boundaries of the theme / characters etc. Weird is best! 

For the first time ever, Ill also be offering custom UV protective acrylic cases! They're approx. 900mm high, 350mm wide by 125 mm deep. They protect the deck, but also I'm keen to add a level of customizing to them also, layers on layers! Ref to Instagram about what exactly the plain version of the case looks like, and see if its something you're interested in. There will be an added fee if you require a case, the price will change with the level of customizing it has depending on each project. 

All previous commissions are one off, if you've seen something I've done in the past and want it recreated, unfortunately I cannot do that, but instead you can receive your own one off custom original, and know its literally the only piece like it that exists. 

How to enquire about getting your own custom made? Email your info here -

Please include, what theme you like, characters, items, any loose ideas, favorite colours, colours you don't want included (if any), if you want a case or not, and any extra info you feel is relevant. 

Also feel free to email that address with any questions you have also!