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What's on offer? As always I will be able to be commissioned for custom skate decks, I have blanks on hand and love working with them. The decks are the only thing that has a set price, which is $1200 AUD ($800 USD roughly). This is including the 2D3D layered parts also! 


All enquiries I'm all ears to hear. I'm looking to create more physical artworks, but if a digital commission strikes a chord I'll definitely be interested. 


What's possible? Basically anything - I really love to get wild, large scale is definitely a favourite, but with shipping I understand it isn't the most viable. I can build things, fuse objects and references together. A custom painted retro console, housed within its own games shelf. A handmade ply canvas shadow box, framing an abstract DBZ scene, illuminated by neon pink lights. A life-size replica of your favourite videogame / anime weapon, with its own painted theme on its blade. Each project unique. On the edge of my best ideas and techniques. 


Projects big or small are welcomed. 

Including mural / installation, product / package design, personal custom artworks etc. 


Freedom is the key, and I know it sounds selfish, but it's the best way to get the best out of me. You give me a rough idea of what character, thing, theme or anything, and if I feel like it's something that best suits my style and abilities, I'll pitch you a few ideas on how we can execute it. - enquiry // discussion // pitch a few ideas // pick one // and then I'll take it from there! 


This step above may not be applicable to digital commissions, but you get the idea! 


If your enquiry does move forward, after the first email I may ask for more info, then I can give you a rough quote, so we can be on the same page before more discussions take place. It's no pressure at all to follow through if the price doesn't suit you. No hard feelings what so ever! I'm honoured you'd even consider getting artwork from me regardless. 


This intake will be covering most of 2024, depending on what it is, it may be completed as early as February, or as late as a year from now. What I take on I take seriously, and give it the time it needs. If there is a specific time you need it by, please let me know in your enquiry.


How to enquire - 


Send an email to -


subject matter - COMMISSION ENQUIRY


Idea / theme / subject matter -

hit me with your thoughts! it can be as simple as "trunks, Gohan, skate deck" or feel free to dive deeper into what you're after. I find my best work comes from a place of exploration, rather than reading from a set of directions. So if you require something very specific, I may not be the best to create it for you! 


I'm really looking forward to hearing your ideas. please know you taking the time to email me is awesome, I'm grateful for that, and I wish I could take on all commissions, but with all the projects on at once, time is limited, and I want to only deliver the best of what I have. 


Stay rad you wonderful humans, let's get weird! 



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